Diver Cover Introduces New Line of ...
20 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

If you have ever heard the aphorism that says "Looking good is a good business "then that's what we are all about.

4-Step Formula to Pursuing Your Dre...
19 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Learn the value of keeping a Dream List, and use these tactics to push yourself towards your dream life.

4 Habits of Emotionally Strong Lead...
18 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

In my denomination, the congregation elects its pastors. During my pastoral training, my classmates and I repeatedly heard

How to Make Meaningful Connections ...
15 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

We’ve all heard the advice “you become the people you hang out with.” This means that you not only need to surround yourself

15 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Out entertainer for this 15th September, 2017 #SpotOnFriday is 2face Idibia

4 Reliable Signs Someone Is About t...
14 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

When someone's first interaction with you is about them and something they want, run the other way as fast as you can.

APPLE IPHONE IS 10 - iPhone X Specs...
13 Sept, 2017. \\ Admin

There's Water & Dust Resistance Which Is A Norm These Days For Flagship Phones. There Will Be 2 Storage Types For The iPhone

12 Sept, 2017. \\ Admin

Storage Is Set At 6GB RAM & 64GB ROM With An Independent Memory Card Slot Expandable To 256GB & Supports UFS Card Type

Do Extroverts Have an Advantage in ...
12 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? In case you aren't familiar, someone's place on the spectrum of extroversion and introv

How This Woman Bounced Back And Bec...
12 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

At 23 years old, Sallie Krawcheck found photocopies of male genitalia on her desk

10 Tips for First-Time Managers
11 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

You aren’t leading a team of robots. Your behavior will have a big impact on their motivation.

4 Vitalizing Ways to Start Your Day...
11 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL Everyone knows you shouldn’t skip breakfast, but what’s the best thing to eat? If you’re the ki

Alicia Jay, the world’s tallest vir...
9 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Alicia Jay is the world’s tallest virgin.

The 14-Minute Plank Power Workout f...
9 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Planking (no, not that bizarre craze) is a simple but effective body weight exercise. Holding the body (light as a feather) s

6 Ways to Motivate Employees -- or ...
8 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Getting people to reach for more in their lives and work begins with asking them what it is important to them. Are you ab

6 Necessary Steps to Tap Into Your ...
7 Sept, 2017. \\ Michael Eniola

Adapted from ‘High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way’

6 Things I learnt When I Moved To A...
15 Aug, 2017. \\ Admin

Don’t underestimate how much time and effort you need to pack up, move and unpack. It really takes a lot of energy, mental an

My Akwa Ibom Trip Experience at Le ...
24 July, 2017. \\ Admin

The hotel ambience was everything and more. Well lit with subtle classical music playing in the background. I made my way to

Drugs, Alcohol and Nigerian Parents...
7 July, 2017. \\ Admin

I do not know about you guys, but I grew up in a home where drinking alcohol was a taboo. Yet no one could ever tell me why.

Ponzi Schemes – The Origin and add...
30 May, 2017. \\ Admin

Would you want to risk your money on a system knowing its success rate is bleak and would definitely crash?